2022 Jubilee street party on Alfred Place

2022 Jubilee street party on Alfred Place


Upcoming events are as follows:

  • Tuesday, 14th May 2024 - Next Committee Meeting.
  • Friday, 7th June 2024 - Open Gardens. Further details to be confirmed.

For Sale

The following cards can be purchased- all proceeds go to the Association (Contact Us for further information):

  • The Blackadder Orchid card- an orchid found growing in the shrubbery of Blacket Avenue, sketched in situ by Dame Elizabeth Blackadder and later produced as a painting.- £1.25 each, £5 for 5, or £90 for 100
  • The Blacket Pillars card- a pen-and-ink sketch by Catherine Gerrard, a previous resident of Mayfield Terrace and past Chair of the Association. £1.25 each, £5 for 5, or £90 for 100


The following items can be borrowed by our members for their own use (Contact Us for further information):

  • Snow Shovels
  • A Gazebo- Approx 4m x 3m in size
  • The Blacket Wall Hanging- An embroidered hanging donated by Rosemary Plum formerly of 44 Blacket Place
  • Engraving- A picture from 1826 and donated by Joan Weir formerly of 31 Blacket Place.

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