The present Blacket Association dates from 1970 (though it was preceded by local residents' associations in the Blacket area from the 19th century onwards). See the Association's Constitution for further details on its structure and composition. The committee take care of most of the day-to-day activities that are necessary in support of the Association's aims. Some of the key activities are:

  • Ongoing review of Weekly Planning Applications and responding to them where required
  • Responding to one off projects within the area; for example repairing the gate piers at the entrance to Blacket Avenue
  • Coordinating the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
  • Organising volunteers to carry out planting, maintenance and development of the common areas of ground
  • Visiting new residents to make them aware of the Association
  • Liaising with external organisations, for example the Cockburn Association, other resident's associations and the Grange and Prestonfield Community Council
  • Arranging social events for residents, and the AGM
  • Maintaining and enhancing the website
  • Maintaining a contact list of residents
  • Commenting on wider Council policies that may impact on the Blacket area and it's conservation status
  • Keeping residents up-to-date with matters of interest via newsletters and emails.

Current Committee Members and their roles

Position & Responsibility Name Contact
Chair Ian Chisholm 11 Dryden Place
Treasurer Anne Henderson 4 Mayfield Terrace
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Stanley Bird 4 Dryden Place
Minutes Secretary Fiona Courtney 52 Blacket Place
Communications Coordinator Pauline Platt 27 Mayfield Terrace
Welfare & New Residents Arlene Doherty 56 Blacket Place
Planning Weekly & Blacket Working Party Hugh Mackay 42 Blacket Place
Planning Richard Scothorne 7 Alfred Place
Website & Contact List Mhoraig Blair Arthur Lodge

Committee Meeting Minutes

See News & Events for details of the next Committee Meeting. Minutes from previous meetings are as follows:

Annual Reports & AGM Minutes

See News & Events for details of the next Annual General Meeting. Minutes and reports from previous years are as follows:

Blacket Area Plan